Welcome to The Ramp Less Traveled!

Hello all, welcome to my blog! As I continue to cruise curb cut to curb cut, I will soon trade my life of full-time therapy for that of a Duke student. I want to keep you, my faithful constellation of friends, supporters, and allies, informed and entertained.

I now see the world through a different prism, one whose light I feel compelled to illuminate. Here I endeavor to record and explore the distinguishing rhythms of a life on wheels. To bridge the divide between the kinetic and the static. To construct and defend a sturdy framework of my scattered musings from a wheelchair. And, above all, to work out with an athletic realism what can no longer be kept within.

But enough of my lofty ambition. It is my journey, not my destination, that will take the stage. So stop by, drop a comment and feel free to stay awhile. If you want, add your email to the link to receive updates when I post something new. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Stay tuned,
Jay Ruckelshaus