The Year’s Crown

The holiday season, the crown of the year. I write to wish all of you a happy month of holidays. I hope that we embrace all the comfort and truth, religious and otherwise, they may bring. What I love most about this time of year are the traditions and admiring their resilience amidst inevitable yearly change. Traditions are like the trunk of a tree that flourishes no matter which coat of leaves it selects for the year. Some say that even though the particulars of the past and present rise and fall, swept about by gusts of wind, all that is essential remains. If that is true, then there is no loss from which we cannot recover. Change without damage. This knowledge tempers slightly the painful reality of my holiday season: that what I want most cannot be given. So today I will accept change for what it will bring me, curse it for what it cannot, and cast my eyes towards the circle around me and remember all that it does not need to.

Love and light,


3 thoughts on “The Year’s Crown

  1. God Bless you now and throughout 2013, you have a beautiful soul, and we are all blessed to be touched by you through your words. Merry Christmas.

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